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RULES For providing hotel services in Grada Boutique Hotel Moscow

These rules of providing hotel services in the hotel Grada Boutique Hotel is designed in accordance with the requirements of the RF Civil code, RF Law "On protection of consumer rights" of February 7, 2092г. № 2300-1, decrees of the Government of the Russian Federation "On approval of rules of providing hotel services in the Russian Federation" dated 25 April 2097г. No. 490 (with changes and amendments) and other regulations.


Grada Boutique Hotel is located at: 6/3 Kuznetsky most, building 3, Moscow.
The Hotel's website:
"Guest" - an individual, a consumer of hotel services.
The Hotel is open 24 hours a day.
Provision of hotel accommodation services is carried out after the guest presents an identity document and full payment for all services in the Hotel for the entire Period of stay.
period of stay. Identity documents are::

• General civil passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation
• Birth certificate (for children under 14 years of age)
• General civil passport of the Russian Federation
• ID card of an active duty serviceman
• Military ID of a conscript
• Seaman's passport
• Certificate from the Ministry of internal Affairs with a photo and details of the lost passport
• A refugee certificate issued by the territorial authorities of the Federal migration service with a photo (valid for three years from the date of issue)
• Passport of a foreign citizen
* Diplomatic passport

The hotel administrator is responsible for registration of persons staying in the Hotel . In the absence of relevant documents, the Hotel has the right to refuse to accommodate Guests.

If there are available rooms, hotel accommodation can be carried out before the estimated start time of service with an additional charge, according to the current price List. If there are available rooms, the Guest can be granted an extension of stay with payment, according to the current price List.

When making a Hotel stay, the administrator issues a Guest card confirming the conclusion of a contract for the provision of services. The Guest card shows:

• Last name, first name of the Guest
• Information about the number provided
• Period of residence

For guests staying in the hotel, entrance to the hotel's room Fund is carried out using guest cards. When booking, accommodation or free check-in (without prior reservation), the Guest chooses the room category. The right to provide a specific room from the category chosen by the Guest remains with the Hotel.

The total number of guests staying in the room must not exceed the number of beds in the room, with the exception of children under 7 years old.
The hotel reserves the right to refuse to arrange accommodation for persons who are allegedly under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

• Pre-order of Hotel accommodation services (hereinafter referred to as booking) is made by sending an application to the booking Department via telephone, Fax or e-mail (tel. (495)980-05-88, ,e-mail
• Cancellation of previously booked Hotel accommodation services is carried out by the Guest in writing (e-mail) or orally (by phone), unless otherwise provided by the booking conditions.
• The guarantee of providing hotel accommodation services is full or partial (for the first day of stay)payment by the Guest for the reserved services.
• If the Guest is late for a day, they will be charged for one day of stay at the official rate. If you are more than a day late, the reservation will be canceled and the Guest will be accommodated subject to availability.


• Payment by the Guest for accommodation services and additional services provided by the Hotel is made in rubles of the Russian Federation, is carried out in accordance with the price Lists approved by IP Gareev a.m.
• Payment can be made by depositing cash, using a Bank card, or by wire transfer to The hotel's current Bank account. Accommodation is provided upon full payment of services.
• Payment for accommodation is charged in accordance with the check-out time established in these Rules.
• Children under 7 years of age can stay at the Hotel without paying. No extra bed is available.
• Children under 3 years of age are provided with an extra bed (baby bed) at no extra charge upon Request.
• For children from 3 to 14 years and other Guests ,an extra bed is available upon request of the main Guest, with payment according to the current price List.
• If you arrive after 00.00 and stay less than a day, you will be charged for the full day.
• For non-pre-booked stays of no more than a day, the payment will be charged per day, regardless of the check-out time.
• If an additional guest is accommodated without prior reservation, the payment will be charged according to the current price List.
• If the Guest's check-out is delayed after check-out time, up to 6 hours of delay, payment will be charged for each hour of stay, according to the current price List.
• If the Guest's check-out is delayed until 12 hours after check-out time, 50% of the room rate will be charged according to the current price List.
• If the Guest's departure is delayed from 12.00 to 24.00 after check-out time, the full day's stay will be charged according to the current price List.
• Extension of hotel accommodation is carried out at the reception Desk, subject to availability. The guest must inform about their intention to extend their stay at least 2 hours before check-out time. The hotel reserves the right to move the Guest to another room, or refuse to extend the stay.
• Upon request, the Hotel can provide an extra bed in the room. Payment for an extra seat is charged according to the current price List.
• If the Guest used the room and/or refused to stay later than one hour after check-in, the payment for the first day of stay will not be refunded.
• Additional paid services provided by the Hotel are paid by the Guest in accordance with the current price Lists. Information about the list and cost of additional paid services is available at the administrator.
Services are provided to the Guest at no extra charge:
• Luggage tray
• Mineral water in the amount of one bottle is provided only on the day of arrival at the hotel
• Use of a kettle and tea accessories
• Use of Cutlery
• Use of the Ironing room
• wake up service»
• Calling an ambulance
• Use of a first-aid kit equipped in accordance with the established rules
• Providing a baby bed for children under 7 years of age
* WI-FI in hotel rooms and guest areas
* Calls in Moscow
• Luggage storage
• 24-hour security service
• Table reservations in Moscow restaurants
• Taxi order
• Booking and booking of air and railway tickets
• Booking and booking tickets for urban modes of transport
• Ordering theater tickets
• Excursions and services of guides-interpreters
• Intermediary services for visiting fitness centers 3 Rozhdestvenka str.,
17 Neglinnaya street
• Order a taxi for trips around the city, meeting and seeing off at railway stations and airports
• Mediation services in order for the car rental
• Delivery of personal correspondence to your room
• Daily correspondence in guest areas
• Post services
• Accepting messages for a guest
• Room decoration and a gift from the hotel for newlyweds


Guests staying at the Hotel must:
* Follow the hotel's policies
* Observe silence and order in the room, public order in the Hotel (do not make noise, do not talk loudly, do not turn on the TV loudly)
* Comply with fire safety regulations
• When leaving the room, you must close water intake taps, Windows, turn off lights and other electrical appliances.
• Upon expiration of the paid period of residence to vacate the room
• Pay for paid services provided by the Hotel that are not included in the room rate on time and in full
• Do not smoke in the rooms, guest areas and the territory adjacent to the Hotel
• Provide access to the room of hotel employees during your stay, for routine cleaning and change of bed linen.
• In case of loss or damage to the property of the hotel, it is necessary to compensate for the damage in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation. The amount of compensation is determined in accordance with the hotel's price List of the property value.
• When leaving the Hotel, make a full payment for the services provided, notify the administrator of your departure and hand over the room key

5. The HOTEL is NOT PERMITTED IN the Hotel is prohibited:

• Leave invited persons in the room when the main guest is absent. Invited persons can stay in the Hotel only with the consent of the Guest from 8: 00 to 23: 00. The guest is responsible both for the timely departure of the invited guests and for their compliance with the rules of hotel accommodation. After 23:00, invited persons must leave the Hotel or arrange accommodation.
• Pass the room key or Guest card to unauthorized persons.
• Keep Pets and birds in the room without the consent of the Hotel Administration.
* Store bulky items in the room (boxes, boxes) that should be handed over to The hotel's storage room, explosives, toxic materials, weapons.
• Use heating devices, except for those installed in the room.
• Rearrange and move furniture without the consent of the Hotel Administration.
• Remove property belonging to the Hotel from the rooms.
• Smoking in rooms, guest areas and the surrounding area of the Hotel.
• To disturb the peace of other Guests staying at the Hotel.
• Openly carry any type of civil, service, or military weapons, including in the performance of official duties.

In case of violation of the conditions specified in the above paragraphs, the Hotel Administration reserves the right to impose penalties, as well as the right to terminate the provision of hotel services unilaterally.

6. Responsibilities of the HOTEL the Hotel undertakes:
• Ensure the quality of services provided by the Hotel.
• Provide full information about the services provided by the Hotel, the form and procedure for their payment, place information in the room in the "Guest Folder" and at the reception Desk.
• Ensure that each room contains information about Hotel accommodation, fire safety rules and rules for the use of electrical appliances.
• Provide at the first request of the Guest a "book of reviews and suggestions", which is located at the reception Desk.
• Ensure that bed linen is changed at least three days later, and towels are changed daily.
• Immediately consider requests and complaints from Guests, take action on complaints from Guests.

The hotel has the right to replace the room provided to the Guest. Demand immediate release of the premises occupied by the Guest, if it is necessary to carry out emergency repairs, sanitary-epidemiological and other measures aimed at eliminating the reasons that create a threat to living, or the reasons that hinder the quality and safe use of the premises.


The hotel has the right to refuse the Guest further accommodation in the Hotel in case of violation of these Rules and late payment for services rendered.

Out of turn, if there are available rooms, the Hotel will accommodate:
* Heroes of the Russian Federation and the Soviet Union, full holders of the order of Glory
• Disabled people and veterans of the great Patriotic war

If the Guest is absent from the room after the expiration of the stay ( if the stay is not extended or paid for) for more than three hours, the Hotel Administration reserves the right to create a Commission and conduct an inventory of the guest's property left in the room. Material values in the form of money, precious metals, securities and other things are placed by the Hotel Administration in the storage room.

In accordance with the Civil code of the Russian Federation:

• The hotel is responsible, without any special agreement with the Guest, for the loss, shortage or damage of their belongings brought to the Hotel, with the exception of money, currency values, securities and jewelry.
• A thing entrusted to the Hotel employees, or a thing placed in a hotel room or other place designated for this purpose, is considered to be entered into the hotel.
• The hotel is responsible for the loss of funds, currency values, securities, etc.
jewelry, provided that they were accepted by the Hotel for storage, placed by the Guest in an individual safe provided by the Hotel.
• The hotel is released from responsibility for the safety of the contents of such a safe if it provides proof that under the conditions of storage, access to the safe by anyone other than the Guest was impossible, or became possible due to force majeure

A guest who discovers the loss, shortage or damage of their belongings must immediately inform The hotel Administrator. Otherwise, the Hotel is released from responsibility for the safety of things.

If the guest finds items that They have forgotten, the Hotel immediately notifies the owner of the items, if the owner is known. The hotel keeps the item forgotten by the Guest for 6 months. Valuables and funds are stored for up to 1 year.

The guest takes note of and does not object to the use of video surveillance systems in the Hotel premises (with the exception of rooms and toilet cubicles).

When resolving conflict situations, the Guest and the Hotel are guided by the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

We wish you a pleasant stay in our hotel!